DE PEDRO FOTOGRAFOS. Herriko plaza, from June 24 to July 11.

Haizetara is what it is, because every year people of all types, sectors and ages participate. At the Haizetara 2021 festival we want all these people to be present and thank them for their interest in the festival with the HAIZETARA GU GARA exhibition!

With this exhibition we intend that everyone feel identified with a photo and remember that everything will return to normal.

In the 10 photographs of Alex and Jesús De Pedro, there will be staff from the town's hospitality industry, children, gastronomic spaces from other years, elderly people, merchants, monitors of groups from previous years, town musicians, people from the txokos who invite the groups for dinner and friends of AIDAE, who in other years have collaborated with the program, on behalf of everyone and everyone who participates in the festival.